This process is not magic. But people swear it must be!


My role as a producer is to free your creativity, and help you make the best music you can. This starts with a conversation about YOU. Your music. Your hopes and dreams, your influences and your motivations.

You see, my aim is not simply to hand over a song and send you on your way (although that’s certainly possible, if it’s what you really want!). My real goal is for you to be 110% confident in your music, and to have absolutely no doubts about its quality when you start sending it out to music supervisors and labels.

Your music is a product of who you are, and who you want to be – only by getting to know you, can I really learn how best to serve you and your music.

Having been responsible for over 100 albums, singles, EPs and remixes over the last 15 years across various genres, and with 10-20 of my own tracks being picked up by exclusive music libraries every month, I know exactly where the bar is set by labels and music supervisors.

And while I can’t promise you a number one record, or that you’ll land the title track on the next blockbuster film (anyone who says they can is most likely lying!), I can promise that the production quality won’t be what’s standing in your way.

All the music I produce is delivered to you fully mixed and mastered, and in as many versions as you need. I am also happy to provide individual track stems for live performance, or if you have your own preferred mix / mastering engineer.

I’m looking to cultivate long term working relationships with artists and songwriters, so it’s important to me that you’re completely satisfied with the end result. If for any reason you’re not, I’m happy to offer a full refund guarantee, no questions asked.

So – please check out the short video below before heading over to fill out the Project Planner form.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and making some amazing music together 🙂

Song Production

I’ll guide your music from raw demo to finished product, taking care to ensure that you’re 100% happy every step of the way.

Mixing and Mastering

Project finished but lacking that sparkle? I’ll take your raw audio files and put the final polish on to make your music sound perfect.

Song Pitching

Sick of paperwork? Can’t face another rejection letter? Let me pitch our finished tracks for TV and media sync licensing placements through my network of friendly music libraries.

Songwriter Mentoring

In addition to the wealth of freely available video tutorials and blog posts on this website, I also offer a one-on-one mentoring programme for select songwriters who need a little extra help.

Ready to talk about your project?