…and plenty of scars to show for it!

But I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing over 100 singles, EPs, albums and remixes by artists I’ve worked with released on a variety of independent labels around the world, on vinyl, CD and digitally. I’ve run several record labels, and heard my own music played on national radio and TV.

I’ve worked with Grammy-nominated songwriters and unsigned artists (and often the difference is solely down to the amount of work you’re willing to put in) and played festivals across the UK in bands and as a DJ.

​Most recently, I’ve been developing close working relationships with a number of music libraries as a way to give artists that I work with a platform to get their music into TV, film and advertising opportunities.

I love discovering talented, hardworking individuals and helping them progress their career within the music business, whether that’s through working with them to create great music, or simply offering advice on what to try next.

A few of my previous releases…