Vocal Arrangement For Beginners

By Joe ThompsonProducing

Or, how to turn a nice tune into a work of art. One of the things that really makes a professionally produced record stand out from a run-of-the-mill demo is the vocal arrangement. While there are always exceptions to any rule, in general a modern pop or R&B record will have some combination of the … Read More

10 Essential Vocal Production Tricks

By Joe ThompsonProducing, Video

Top tips to help your vocals stand out from the crowd. In any mainstream pop track, the vocal is the most important element – it’s the thing that your listeners will immediately connect with, and it’s the reason your artist gets out of bed in the morning.   In today’s world of electronic sound beds, … Read More

Producing vs. Beatmaking

By Joe ThompsonBeatmaking, Producing

Addressing one of the most common misconceptions in modern music making. With the advent of music technology and the resulting boom in bedroom beatmakers from all corners of the internet, the term “producer” seems to have become corrupted into a synonym for beat maker.   What’s a producer?   Historically, a record producer rarely played … Read More